9″ Formflash


Firestone 9″ formflash consists of a 229mm uncured Formflash, factory laminated to Quickseam Tape. The strip is designed to flash inside and outside corners, pipes, penetrations, drain outlets and any other awkward details.


The EPDM surfaces and/or mating surfaces must be dry, clean, free from dust and be prepared with Firestone Quickprime Plus, using a quickscrubber pad. Use of other products is not allowed. Restore the product to room temperature prior to use if exposed to temperatures below 15 degrees for prolonged periods.


On cloudy days with ambient temperature below 15 degrees, the use of a heat gun is recommended to warm the Formflash and to ensure good formability. On sunny days, pre-heating of the product is usually not necessary. Apply Firestone Quickprime Plus to all areas to receive the Formflash using a Quickscrubber pad and Handle. Allow the Quickprime Plus to completely dry before installing the Formflash, test for dryness by touching the Quickprime Plus with a clean dry finger. Remove the backing paper and carefully apply the Formflash to the pipe, corner, penetration etc. 

Physical Characteristics

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat and cold
  • Excellent green tack

Quickprime Plus Must Be Used With This Product!


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Seam tape 3″

3″ Seam Tape

Sold Per Linear Metre


Firestone 3″ Seam Tape is designed for field splicing of Firestone EPDM membranes and flashings.


Use Firestone Quickprime plus and Quickscrubber Pads & Handles to clean and prime mating surfaces. Refer to the download section for step by step Installation details.


Shelf life of one year can be expected when stored at temperatures between 15 – 27 degrees, shelf life may be shortened if exposed to elevated temperatures


Excellent moisture resistance. Excellent resistance to Heat and Cold, Excellent green tack.


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